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The Evil Day - by Phil Duran

This generation of US-Americans is paying a high price for refusing to demand justice. Future ones will wonder why we allowed a great evil to invade and conquer us. Are we witnessing the failure and possible collapse of American democracy?

Democracy and freedom can survive only as long as they stand on honest government. Without it, no citizen can be proud, feel secure, or claim to be free. The militant Religious Right, calling itself Christian, now controls the Republican Party, and the nation's leaders seem to be firmly possessed by the same ideology and spirit of conquest. They do not care about their sacred oaths of office or what its citizens or the world think of them. They have been poised for some time to carry out their original plans, and they are doing it with disregard and impunity.

Some writers suggest that perhaps we humans don't deserve to survive in view of our tendency to destroy the planet. I must strongly disagree, for this tendency does not characterize the First Nations, who have always warned about the consequences of desecrating the Earth. The problem is that the man from Europe is still a stranger to this land we call Turtle Island and has chosen not to listen to the wisdom that was already here.

In an issue of White Bison Inc.'s Wisdom of the People Quarterly several years ago, indigenous elders responded to the question: Why did the American Indian survive? Some of the elders said it was to preserve indigenous spirituality for a future time when everyone's survival will depend on it. They also said that, before Native people can become the White Man's teacher, they must learn to "forgive the unforgivable."

In the Ojibwe prophecy of the Seven Fires, the Seventh Prophet said that the light-skinned people, whose coming was foretold by the fourth prophet, would be given a choice between two roads. "If they choose the wrong road, the destruction they brought with them will come back to them."[1]

Whatever you think about the wisdom of our elders and the knowledge retained in their stories, the time to make that choice is now.

The Wampanoags were the first to meet the new wave of immigrants from England. In response to the same question that was posed to the elders, one Wampanoag man states in a video documentary (one of many produced during the 1990s) that the American Indian has survived in order to be the conscience of America. In a way, this means that we who have always belonged by ancestry to our beloved Turtle Island and were grafted into a political democracy designed by those who are not our "founding fathers" are witnesses to events that our elders expressed intuitively and prophetically.

Indigenous wisdom has always been scorned by political leaders and clergy alike who established and have since maintained new governments and institutions on Turtle Island. Whether or not this wisdom will ever be recognized, the abuse of Mother Earth is finally resulting in a permanent backlash. In this regard, politics can only delay but cannot change what is geologically irreversible. Creator's physical laws are also spiritual and cannot be violated without consequences. They speak with their own authority.

The ecological and social systems on lands long occupied and sustained by Native peoples through their traditional ways of life have continually suffered from the imposition of a foreign culture. European immigrants looked upon Native wisdom with scorn and established a new civilization here for their own benefit, neglecting the needs of the First Nations. Now, their leaders are attacking their own people, turning them into human sacrifices. They break the commandments: Do not murder; do not steal; do not give false testimony. They work in darkness with a secret government. Because that civilization, now an Empire, is based on a philosophy of abuse of the land, violating the very laws placed here by Creator, it cannot last. Chief Sealth (Seattle) may have sensed the future state of the new nation when he said:

Tribe follows tribe, and nation follows nation, like the waves of the sea. It is the order of nature, and regret is useless. Your time of decay may be distant, but it will surely come, for even the White Man whose God walked and talked with him as friend to friend, cannot be exempt from the common destiny. We may be brothers after all. We will see.

In the first part of his book and on his website (, Michael Ruppert, editor and publisher of From The Wilderness Publications, has presented some sobering facts about the status of the world's energy reserves, that portend a crisis that will soon have to become mainstream news. His book is also the evidence for 9/11 as a criminal case (motive, means, and opportunity).

Regarding the energy situation, he reports from sources that in only one hundred years, the world has used at least half of the hydrocarbons that took over millions of years to create. The dependence on hydrocarbon energy (oil and gas) is astounding. For example, 95 percent of all transportation is powered by oil. The United States contains only 5 percent of the world’s population but consumes 25 percent of the world’s energy. U.S. oil production peaked in the early 1970s, when this country became permanently dependent on foreign oil. In 2001, the U.S. was already producing 39 percent less oil than in 1970. The world’s oil crisis is a permanent condition. (Ruppert: 22-40)

The demand for natural resources also increases the threat to Indian lands, which are likely to be targeted by governments and corporations in order to satisfy the increasing demands of a rapidly growing population. Mother Earth cannot continue to satisfy such an appetite, when the world is out of balance.

The apostle Paul wrote in Ephesians 6 about the need to put on the whole armor of God and be able to resist in the evil day, or the “time of evil.” This reference to evil most likely refers to any contingency that may occur in the life of the individual, not a prophetic statement about a specific future world event.

In any case, we who belong on Turtle Island by ancestry and those whom the seventh prophet said must make a choice between two roads may now be in the presence of the greatest evil we have ever known. Yet many are not even aware of it because of its deceitful and secret character. While we need to walk circumspectly and be vigilant and discerning at all times, putting on the whole armor of God, which includes standing with our feet sandaled with the readiness of the gospel of peace, I believe now is the most crucial time in history. The apostle spoke of the spiritual powers of darkness and Jesus warned his own followers that many false prophets (teachers) would arise and deceive many, implying that those who claim to be closest to him may also be deceived.

Dishonesty and deceit are under our very noses at the highest levels of government, and many Christians not only condone it, they applaud it. To illustrate: A recent Now with Bill Moyers program reported how Condoleezza Rice lied in her testimony before the 9/11 Commission, a fact that was already substantiated by Ruppert, yet instead of being prosecuted or at least reprimanded, she was promoted to the office of Secretary of State and Stephen Hadley replaces her as National Security Advisor. Hadley is the one who allowed the false statement that Iraq tried to acquire Uranium from Niger to remain in the President's speech. All of this and much more is happening right before our eyes and the nation quietly accepts it.

The malevolent picture that was once unfolding mostly in secret is now appearing in public view, and still many do not recognize it. Because I want this piece to flow through Christian channels, I have written it carefully to avoid spreading unwarranted fear or making political statements that would hinder its dissemination. My intent here is to identify two areas of great concern and point readers to the information sources, hoping they will not only read it to become informed but will also disseminate it.

The unseen world and the powers of darkness. Native peoples have always recognized and related personally to a physical and spiritual Universe. But most people are focused on events that occur in the visible world of the physical senses, paying little attention to the unseen world of spirit, which is an important part of the Universe. Evil can occur in the visible as well as the unseen world.

There are several aspects to the unseen world. One is the pristine sacredness in which it was made and is accessible through prayer, ceremony, and other acts of the heart. The second is the secret and surreal world of organized crime where bizarre and irrational things happen. The third is the busy world of evil, spiritual forces, and the powers of darkness. These worlds co-exist and are interrelated, yet most of us pay attention only to the physical world in our routine, daily lives.

There is yet another world, which is partly visible and partly invisible. It is the one portrayed by the corporate media, a world of fantasy because it hides the crimes of government, suppresses the truth, and intentionally presents false or misleading information without remorse or sensitivity. But this is how evil uses deceit. It causes us to believe what is not true; otherwise, it would not be deceit. Evil often looks beautiful on the outside.

We know that “our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens” (Ephesians 6:12), a passage of Scripture that I have known for more than four decades. But until this past year, I had not seen documented evidence of the spiritual forces actually at work in American life. Even now, I hesitate to mention it in Christian venues where so many people are conditioned to denounce "liberal" views. This situation says something about the extent to which many, but fortunately not all, Christians believe only what they hear, against the admonition to test every spirit and see if it is from God (1 John 4:1). The time to return to the quest for truth and to set aside the comfort of belief based on the good words of our “leaders” is long overdue. This aspect is also present in church culture and needs to change. It causes divisions even within families, and perhaps this is also evidence of the evil that is visiting us.

Of all the books that come to mind as essential reading for this hour, Ruppert's Crossing the Rubicon not only tops my list, it is the only one that contains a cohesive geophysical picture, the details and motives behind the 9/11 attacks, and how these issues relate to other information that the American public needs to know but is largely unaware of. This book's value must not be underestimated. It is also an educational experience that will help answer many questions about motive, intent, and the ultimate purpose behind the government's decisions.

The corporate media chooses what it wants to tell us because its first loyalty is to the corporations. To be fully informed, we must turn to independent and courageous investigative journalism. Ruppert’s website ( has been announcing events months, and sometimes more than a year, ahead of the American corporate media. His valuable work is non-partisan. In the book, he presents only evidence that is admissible in a court of law for the criminal case (motive, means, opportunity) of 9/11 and related issues: the imminent oil crisis, covert CIA operations, money laundering, biological warfare, loss of American freedoms, widespread and shameless deceit, conquest of the American people, and how these are all related. I will not elaborate here on the items on this list. The facts are too shocking and need to be read in the context of the evidence presented in the book. By saying more here I would be presenting a fragmented picture. The documented detail, interconnections, intrigue, and analysis need to be read with the flow of the book. We are all responsible to do our part in seeking knowledge and informing others.

Dominionism: Dominion theology is defined and described by Joan Bokaer of TheocracyWatch, a project conducted at Cornell University, in a 44-minute video that can be downloaded from their site at The stated aims of those who follow this theology are expressed in various ways, all of which imply conquest and dominion viewed as a mandate from God: Christianize America; control the world; rule the world for God. In order to accomplish their main goal, here’s a partial list of their explicitly stated intent: dismantle government and relegate its functions to the churches, including welfare and education; eliminate church-state separation; criminalize homosexuality and adultery; eliminate public schools and replace them with church-run schools run by Christians; eliminate taxes (except the sales tax), and much more.

A Constitutional Reform Act would put God into the U.S. Constitution. The spokespersons of this theology are prominent personalities, including Jack Hayford, Jerry Falwell, Tim LaHaye, Antonin Scalia, Pat Robertson, and Tom Delay. Jesus is viewed as the avenger, whereas in the past he was the gentle Savior. President Bush's spiritual advisors, including Hayford, follow this theology. The Christian Coalition, the Religious Right, and the Republican Party are becoming synonymous terms, and the President’s mindset is squarely aligned with this theology.

Posted on the TheocracyWatch website is the following quote from Majority leader Tom Delay (R-TX): “He [God] is using me, all the time, everywhere, to stand up for a biblical worldview in everything that I do and everywhere I am. He is training me.”

How is God using Tom DeLay? Readers may recall that DeLay misused Department of Homeland Security, Federal Aviation Administration, and FBI personnel in a search for absent members of the Texas House of Representatives. He is under investigation and may be indicted by a Texas grand jury for a felony crime, in which case he still will not be required to step down as House majority leader. Three of his close associates have already been indicted in the case.

Also on that website is the following quote from Pat Robertson: "The strategy against the American Radical Left should be the same as General Douglas MacArthur employed against the Japanese in the Pacific... Bypass their strongholds, then surround them, isolate them, bombard them, then blast the individuals out of their power bunkers with hand-to-hand combat. The battle for Iwo Jima was not pleasant, but our troops won it. The battle to regain the soul of America won't be pleasant either, but we will win it." (from the book, Pat Robertson, The Most Dangerous Man in America? by Rob Boston).

Bokaer points out that Dominionism is closely related to, but not the same as, the Christian Reconstruction movement founded by Rousas Rushdoomy, whose aim was to reconstruct American society so it will conform to “Biblical law,” a key concept that Dominionists also embrace. This theology also seems to be a reincarnated form of Manifest Destiny, only this time what the immigrants from Europe did to the First Nations is being perpetrated against their own people. Please note the present tense; it is happening now.

Putting it together: The obvious connection between the theology of conquest and the actions of government mentioned earlier need to be pursued further. The theology has elements that are attractive to Christians, but I must point out two sufficient reasons for rejecting it: It is a theology of conquest and, based on evidences you will find in Ruppert’s book (although Ruppert does not discuss the theology behind motives), it supports dishonesty and deceit; the end justifies the means.

As I think of what the elders said (indigenous spirituality is being preserved for a future time), the pieces of a mystery seem to be coming together. The world's decision-makers, including those in our own government, are driven by strong belief systems. The Republican Party and the government are now controlled by ideologists committed to conquest, which explains many of the President's statements, why no one has been demoted or fired, and why he believes he can make any decision with impunity. Only another worldview can challenge this ideology, which has always been the case. I believe the only worldview and theology that can save us now is Native spirituality powered by the real Jesus, because our spiritual warfare is against counterfeit forces that are posing as Christian on a scale perhaps never before known in my lifetime. We need to reach beneath the immoral and illegal behavior and, while prosecuting it with full force, also confront the evil directly. I emphasize that our struggle is not against people but against the evil itself, however personified, including the one embedded in this dreadful theology, which was invoked in America's past to claim that Divine Providence justified American Indian genocide and the theft of Indian lands.

Before readers get upset with me for proposing a solution that invokes Yeshua (Jesus), in view of the destructive nature of Christian fundamentalism, I will only say here (hoping to elaborate in a later post) that fundamentalism is not confined to Christianity. It also exists in science. We must look beyond the facades, assumptions, and biases. If everything in the book of Revelation is fulfilled, we may be surprised about the identity of the anti-Christ, the powerful one who will deceive many. I am reminded of what the fourth prophet of the Ojibwe prophecy said: "The face of brotherhood and the face of death look the same. Do not trust them completely. They may come with weapons and suffering. The rivers will run with poison. Let them prove brotherhood."

We face a big challenge, and I would like to see other writers address this subject. I am not interested in endless theological discussions, as often happens in American culture. A Great Learning needs to occur within the Church in America, the venue where Dominionist theology is thriving. Were it not for the enormous support from the Christian Right, this country would not have invaded Iraq in the first place. What makes us think that those in control of the U.S. government ever intended to leave Iraq? We must make sure we’re not following a false teacher but the real Jesus who taught us to love our neighbor and to tell the truth, not to destroy and deceive.

Our societal and family structures seem to be fragmented more than ever. Today, many in the Church favor war while claiming that America is a Christian nation. They are deceived by rhetoric. In one of my articles, I state that a Christian America exists within the United States, which is a nation-state. Perhaps God will treat the Christian nation in America as a group entity and bring a judgment that will separate the wheat from the chaff to reveal the true and false followers. The Ojibwe prophecy is about a time of purification of the Earth, and it may begin at the seat of the Empire.

[1] For the full text of the Seven Fires prophecy, please visit


dkfalseirjfewWE said...

Hi, I love your blog. This post is one of the wisest, deepest and most thorough post-election blog posts I've read. I'm going to encourage other people I know to read this. I see that you found your way to the Theocracy Watch site. I found it about a week before the election, or so. I also happen to be in the middle of reading Crossing the Rubicon! And I have begun reading the articles on From the Wilderness regularly. I'm sure I'll return to your blog again. Next time, I'll comment in more depth. I'm about all blogged out at the moment.

Starrider said...

I believe modern man is missing one of the major pieces to the
puzzle by misunderstanding his role with regards to his relationship to Earth.
Our society has become more and more individualistic, less family and community based, more materialistic and less spiritual. In fact most people don't
even understand what spirituality really is. It has been confused with religiosity or religious legalism. There is a huge and ever widening gulf between man and his environment. People generally wander around not knowing where they came from, what how they got here or what role they are supposed to play in man's unfolding future. This makes for some very restless and unsatisfied
people. Contemporary Christian "religion" seems to be failing to pick up this slack as it ought to be able to.
People do not seem to have clear lateralization between a religion they can believe in- and one they can EXPERIENCE each and every day. How
much more powerful would the churches much more centered and or grounded would mankind be if this were not the case? It's funny, most of the
kids I grew up with that were regular church goers don't attend any longer...On the other hand some people that were not church goers or religious thinkers are now attending church and wrestling with life's bigger questions. It makes me wonder if another two decades will show people swapping places like this again. It makes me wonder what it was that people did not find in church that caused them to stray or likewise
what people wre missing in the world that has led them to church.
I personally testify that it is people's search for religious
truth, or general lack of it in their everyday lives at least, that drives them to do most of what they do. Establishing a belief system or comprehensive
worldview that they can EXPERIENCE instead of only believe or have faith in could make a great difference in the lives of individuals, communities
even nations or the world itself. I believe also that having a greater understanding and sense of purpose begins first with the fear (respect) of God and then respect for his creations. Creation has order, it is structured by
God who structures all life. By understanding that the physical world is ordered perfectly by the maker, we may understand that human experience has the same sort of underlying order to it. The existence of the world
then means; not chaos, but order, and if humans wish to exist within that order, they should integrate into the creational order. This is what wisdom and/or spirituality is all about.
It is simple really, God is the source of life, therefore, Creation has a relationship with God in which it responds to him as it's Maker, acknowledging his power and grace. This is a far cry from the ideas being passed along by our churches today and I believe this misunderstanding
to be the root cause of mostly all of the shortcomings of the Church
throughout history. Generally speaking, the idea that this Earth is only a disposable backdrop for the moral play of mankind is being proliferated much to the
detriment of mankind itself. I acknowledge that the Bible tells us that the Earth will pass away someday. However, I fail to see how this eventuality relieves us as humans from taking care of the gift of Creation while we
still have it in our care. In fact, I would venture to say that if our priorities concerning this were more in proper alignment, we would not have some of the other problems we have like the population explosion, lack
of food and medical care for the masses and materialism over spirituality.
I do not think it is wrong that we have shopping centers and
motorcars and golf courses and cable tv and luxury hotels with casinos. I do see that the priorities of humans are waaaay out of whack. It is possible I
believe to have bounty, good times and good things in life and still be taking careof business.
I respect the idea that we should care for people before worrying about a paricular problem in nature, but I don't see how the two become completely different issues, they are symbiotic. The Bible itself demonstrates that God's mood regarding the
behaviour of man is usualy clearly demonstrated by the state of the
Earth we live upon. When he is pleased, it is fruitful and yielding- when he is not happy it becomes unfruitful and covered with stubble. Creation was
meant to bear two kinds of witness, glory to god who made it and his ongoing nuturing care for what he has made. Understanding this enables us to comprehend what it means to bear his image on Earth by representing him, we see that it is our mandate as human beings to enhance creation's witness to the glory and nurture of God.
It could be said that nature itself bears a five fold witness to God. In the Bible you find glory, nuture, also penalty , precariousness and finally reclamation of a cosmos polluted by sin.
Many have remarked about a solution of ridding the planet of many people to return "Mother Earth" to its natural state. The "religious" world has used statements like this to disavow themselves from the environmental movement because they see it as elitist (wishing to rid the planet of "unworthy" men) and nearly equal to goddess worship because of the mother image. These are common traps that people fall into because the religious world has had almost nothing to say on these issues and the secular world has sought to pick up the slack. The term "Mother Earth"- as I understand it did not originate from any ethnic belief but from an American newspaper writer who was trying to convey something an Indian had told him..."The Earth
is LIKE our Mother", in an effort to explain their reverence, not worship, of creation. This has been a popular mistranslation and misconception. As for ridding the Earth of sinful and unworthy men, that is God's business and
it has been done according to the book of Genesis. God has promised not to destroy EVERYTHING again, but does that mean that societies or civilizations themselves are safe from wrath? I doubt it. God operates among men via covenants. There has been the Old Covenant of Law, The New Covenant of Christ, and the constant covenant of man's role as steward of his creation. God keeps his end of the bargains, are we?
I have experienced the power and healing that can come with the
type of understanding I am talking about first hand. I don't think that mankind or contemporary Christianity will see the kind of revelation and revival it sorely needs until people in general rediscover the meaning of the Genesis.

Anonymous said...

This Author, Phil Duran, has some powerful insight into the relationship of man to his dominion on earth. Certainly, man would need to know that Goc has placed him here to take care of his creations, which include everything on the earth, including man himself. Thus, leaders cannot lead effectively, if they do not know the desires of Goc. And to deny this acknowledgement, ia damnation on himself. Thus, knowledge without wisdom, which only comes from God, is fruitless.