Monday, November 29, 2004

Crossing the Rubicon by Mike Ruppert

Of all the books authored by human beings, I believe Mike Ruppert's Crossing the Rubicon is the one all Americans must read and heed in this critical hour of world history. You don't think we're living in a critical hour? Ruppert's From The Wilderness website ( has been announcing events months ahead of the corporate media. Moreover, the media often chooses not to tell us what we need to know, or it misleads us, because its first loyalty is to the corporations, not the American public. That's why WE MUST turn to independent and courageous investigative journalism. In this regard, Ruppert's book and website are a God-send. Ruppert is non-partisan and doesn't pull any punches. In his book, he adheres to the standards of admissible evidence for a criminal case in presenting the motive, means, and opportunity about 9/11, the inevitable oil crisis, covert CIA operations, money laundering, biowarfare, loss of freedoms, widespread and shameless deceit, conquest of the American people, and how these are all related.

Also, read my other post in this blog about DOMINIONISM, the legitimate-sounding theology upon which the intent to control the world is based. President Bush's spiritual advisors, whose names are very well known, believe in this theology. I think I am beginning to see all of the pieces of a stupendous puzzle coming together, including the reason that the American Indian survived a holocaust and genocide: to preserve spirituality for a future time. The world's decision-makers, including those in the White House, are driven by their own belief systems, and I believe the only worldview and theology that will save us now is Native spirituality powered by Jesus, because our spiritual warfare is against forces that are posing as Christian on a scale perhaps never before known, at least not in my lifetime. The new kind of army must be led by the real Jesus who taught us to love our neighbor, not to destroy and to deceive.

Ruppert's book is now in the top .003% of sales and his website has over 16,000 subscribers, including 36 members of Congress. Click the link below to read about the book's contents and order directly from FTW as soon as you can! Think of your family, your country, and our responsibility to future generations.

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